Terms and Conditions


Cancellation and no shows 


We run small class sizes, and whilst we understand that things can happen, we are unable to assume the losses associated with unplanned events or circumstances.  

We have a strict minimum of 7 days for cancellations.  Bookings are transferred to others, however, no refund or credit will be offered under any circumstances.

Customers may request to cancel or change their booking using the contact form on the bookings page or via email. All information (Name, phone number, booking reference, date of the booking) must be provided before the cancellation cut off.


The booking has not been cancelled until you are notified.  If you do not receive confirmation of the change or cancellation within 24 hours you must contact us immediately, as the initial request has not been received or there is an error in the contact information you provided. Please make sure you give us the correct email.

Voucher expiry 


Vouchers sold by third parties or deal sites have strict expiry dates. The booking and the date of the class must be made within the validity period.  A particular offer, voucher or deal period may be extended by a reseller, in such cases, the validity period will be extended accordingly. Such extensions are general for an offer, and not offered to individuals or particular vouchers, regardless of circumstances.


Where a discount was incorporated into the price of a voucher, the discount will no longer be applicable if any credit is given after the expiration date.  Any credit given for unused vouchers will be for the actual price paid, the balance owing is payable to process a booking. 


If face value credit for an unused voucher is given, the voucher must be used toward a booking for the applicable number of participants. Face value credits from a two-person voucher must be used to book two people, not one. 


The provision of face value credit in no way guarantees you a booking, it is not redeemable for cash or other classes or services.  The use is strictly subject to availability.  This offer substantially exceeds the original conditions of sale which would void the value entirely at expiration. 


We make these offers in good faith, as a way of providing some flexibility and assistance to customers.   Customers choosing to use this option pay not a cent more than the retail value of the class.  We receive the most extraordinary explanations for late cancellations and unused vouchers. It is neither practical or appropriate for us to seek verification.  Please don't ask us to make an exception for you.


Special Circumstances



We believe everyone's circumstances are special. We are transparent with our cancellation and booking policies.  Ultimately, individuals are responsible for dealing with the ups and downs they experience.   Please don't ask us to make an exception. 


We will treat cancellations due to suspected COVID-19 exposure on a case by case basis.  Proof of testing and medical directive to isolate (pending test or medical certificate specifically stating COVID-19) Will be required. 

If it can be shown that

a) You have taken a COVID-19 test and been directed to isolate 

b) The results were not know by the class date ( we will use the DHSS reported average testing time)

c) You contacted us at the earliest possible point (The day you got tested at the latest)

We will accommodate rescheduling at a fee of $30/person on the booking.  This covers the administration fees and partly offsets our losses.  If a discount was applied to your original booking, that will no longer apply.