Miss the pop-up notice?

Wondering when dates get released or when to book?

This information is the best advice we have to ensure you get a booking made as soon as possible.  

We have had this information available on the website since we resumed business. As some people have missed the recommendations in the pop-up notices, we have added more information and places where you can find it. .  We understand you are all excited to attend, and we look forward to seeing you. We do aim to be as transparent as we can, so if there is information available, it will be right here on the website.


We have updated the website to make sure the most commonly requested information is super clear and available across the website, and also via the pop-up notices we previously used.  


We hope you find this helpful. 

We recommend 6pm Monday as the best time to check the website for new dates.If you are having trouble getting a date, ensure you are visiting the website on Monday, rather than waiting till later in the week.

If you do this, you will make a booking. 


As we have experienced, things change quickly with COVID still being a real and ongoing concern.

To keep things predictable we process cancellations just once a week. This means we add new classes to the program late Monday afternoon. 


  We hope being predictable with the release of dates prevents you from needing to visit the site at other times.  Whilst we have COVID to consider this is what we need to do to keep things manageable. Victoria has recommenced international travel arrivals, and the last two times this was done we had lockdowns.  Please be patient, and understand this is just what we need to do.

We will release dates for the specialty classes to be scheduled later in the year when things have really settled down, this includes the lamb, steak and seafood classes.

We recommend 6 pm Monday as the best time to check the website for new dates. Some weeks availability is lasting 3 or 4 days, however, it only takes a few group bookings for it to go.  


If you follow the advice you won't have any problems!


 A friendly reminder, Tuesday morning, is not Monday evening. 


We are sticking to a schedule and the process

is working for everyone who follows it. 


Thank you for your patience and understanding.