Our popular 2 Hr BBQ class runs every weekend at Queen Victoria Market. 

Help Prepare a dish

Understand how to better use your BBQ 

Tour the meat hall

Learn how to use charcoal, wood and smoke to improve your BBQ

Enjoy a tasting of delicious meats and craft beer.

We recommend 6pm Monday as the best time to check the website for new dates. Read the pop up notice or click HERE for more details. 

Cant find a date that suits?

 We are taking bookings again, we are still being a little COVID cautious, so we are releasing only a few weeks at at time, these dates will typically be about 5 weeks in the future.I understand you may wish to book further ahead , this is unfotuatnely the best way for us to mittiage the risk of interruption.     

If a date falling within this time is not showing, it is fully booked.

All manual cancellations or unpaid group bookings are processed late Monday, we strongly recommend checking Monday evening to ensure the best range of bookings.  


We are pleased to be popular, and classes typically book 2-3 weeks ahead. 

All available spaces are shown online, no bookings are accepted by email.


June 14 2021

Bookings will resume once the restrictions in Victoria allow us to operate.
We are hopeful that the 25km rule and limits on group activities and tours will soon be relaxed.  Until we are clear on how many classes we need to reschedule, bookings will remain suspended. 

For those with vouchers due to Expire in July 2021, we expect to extend the validity into August to cater for outstanding vouchers, this information will be published on the website, please ensure you visit once restrictions ease further to be updated with what you need to do. 
We normally open new dates and process cancellations on a Monday evening and understand many will visit the website expecting this today.  If there is no impact from the new outbreak, we will not run any fewer classes, and all scheduled classes will run.  All going well, we will simply delay taking bookings till things clear up.  This allows us some flexibility to deal with any disruption that could occur.
We appreciate your patience, and promise any updates will be posted here when they are available, please don't email requesting more information, once we have it, we will publish it here.
This decision is not taken lightly, we are certain that whilst some may find it overly cautious, it is what we need to do to minimise the potential impact, and keep running the great classes we offer.
Stay safe. Stay open.

Change or cancel a booking

Strict cancellation policies apply see original booking confimration  or voucher for full details

You must provide the original booking reference, the name of the person who booked, and the participants name (if different).  All details must be provided before the minimum cancelation notice period.

The cancellation is not accepted until you have received confirmation.   If this is not received within 24 hours please contact us immediately.  No refunds or credits will be issued without the cancellation confirmation.

Request to cancel or change a booking.

Your request has been sent. The booking is not cancelled until you recieve a cancellation confimration email. If you do not recieve this within 24 hours please contact us immediatley.