Back BBQ'ing

All the info about how to rebook, and when we re-open.

Excited to be back.  Here is how we are working through things and getting back to business!

First, we are rescheduling cancelled bookings.  


We are contacting each 'group' or those booked on a particular date in chronological order, hopefully, the offered date works, if not you will be given access to the 'Rescheduling Hub' to select from dates that have been allocated cancelled bookings.  We want to avoid a glut, so this does take some time.

If you have not been contacted, please be patient, we are working through the groups and will contact you via the details you gave at the time you booked.

I don't have a password for the hub, what do I do?

If we have not sent you one, then you do not currently need to access this page- this is only being used for those who can not attend the proposed date we offer.

Why is the hub password protected?

It is the only way for us to ensure that we can give priority access to cancelled bookings, we love that people are keen to book, but we need to get through the backlog first.


As soon as we finish moving all the cancelled bookings and those customers have dates, we will set the new expiration for anyone with vouchers expiring from July 2021.

2022 and moving forward.

New sales from Christmas 2021 will be able to book classes from Feb, leaving January free to clear any outstanding vouchers.