2019/20 Vouchers- Updated details

We are asking people redeeming a voucher from 2019/20 to pay a $10 Covid supplement, this is to help offset the massive costs associated with being shut for nearly a year, and the reduced class sizes.  This small individual contribution will make all the difference to this business continuing into our 6th year.  We thank you in advance. 

All vouchers have been extended for the same amount of time that was left when classes stopped operating.  This time has elapsed for some promotions. 


Please understand that any promotional vouchers that we previously extended that have since lapsed will be redeemable by request for the price paid only.  Any discounts previously applied will not be carried forward beyond the initial extended period.  If you paid $99 and the class cost is $135, the credit would be $90 ($99 less the voucher fee of $10).  This essentially means less the fee, all money you have spent would be available to use for a booking.  The discount would no longer be carried forward. 

All voucher extensions will incur a $10 fee/voucher.  Vouchers purchased directly from us may in some circumstances be exempt if we can adjust with no fees charged to us.

Vouchers are not refundable, under any circumstances. 

If for some reason you have any issues redeeming a voucher please email info@whackitonthebarbie.com and include as much detail about the error message (if applicable) and the voucher number.  We have worked hard to update all the data, so we hope issues will be rare if at all.