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Celebrating 5 years of BBQ Classes at the market!

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I am Ryan Andrijich, a trained chef and food industry professional for over 20 years.  I have been lucky enough to work with some of Australia’s leading food identities in restaurants, at events and on media projects.


The highlights include Stephanie Alexander, Will Studd, Antonio Carluccio, Kate Lamont, Simon Johnson, Kylie Kwong, Greg Malouf, Manu Fidel, Frank Camora.  Wineries, catering, events, restaurants, butchers and bakers, I have worked with some of the best.


The greatest influence on my food style and passion comes form my family. One half Croatian Vignerons, the other Australian Farmers, food was in my blood.  Home made bread, preserves and pickles, full tables of delicious home cooking. The biggest influence was definitely cooking with fire. 


Croatians bought their homeland cooking style to their new country. Here, they took advantage of the plentiful supply of meat, and in my hometown, the Swan Valley, Western Australia, the lamb on the spit is iconic.  

Things have changed a little since then, we no longer turn by hand, but the principal is the same, slowly does it, don't rush things, and don't start drinking beer when you put the lamb on.  Important lessons passed down through the generations. 


These old Andrijich family photos from the Swan Valley, show hand turning, wooden spits.  Delicious small lambs, cooked carefully over coals, it was a true family event.

BBQ Class Melbourne.  Whack It On The Barbie
BBQ Class Melbourne.  Whack It On The Barbie



We can tailor a class to suit the interests of your group.  Perfect for sporting clubs, or groups of friends. 

Seafood Classes

BBQ and Cocktails

Use an offset smoker for the day

Ultimate steak cooking



Entertaining clients or team building we can run short sessions or day long programs to suit your needs. 

We are licensed so can serve drinks to accompany the class.  Classes are fun, interactive and perfect for clients or in house events. 


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Embracing family cooking traditions.

BBQ Class Melbourne.  Whack It On The Barbie

Recipe and entertaining ideas

BBQ Class Queen Victoria Market.  Whack It On The Barbie

Classes run every weekend or by appointment