We are close folks.

We expect to have dates released for booking by the end of the first week in November.


We are working through logistics of the tour, serving food, preparing food as a group etc and this takes some time to get right.


We are also working on creating some specific dates for people with 2020 gift vouchers and cancelled bookings to ensure they are prioritised and have access to dates along side new business we get for 2021.

Unfortunately with the world of COVID we can't simply throw the doors open without plenty of planning and thought.


I hate to even think about it, but we need to consider things may change again, so we will probably release bookings a month or so at a time to keep it manageable.


I am sharing my thoughts and process here to keep you up to date, but as with everything about 2020 things might need to change, so your understanding is appreciated.


I can nearly taste the BBQ, but need to get things right to ensure the future of classes as we enter our 6th year of teaching BBQ at Queen Victoria Market.

As soon as I have news, dates and you can book, it will be posted here, on our website and google business listing. Please resist the urge to email, the information will be given to everyone at the same time.

Stay safe.



Unfortunately the Victorian Government has announced a return to lockdown for a large number of suburbs.

The current state of the outbreak and the restrictions in place do not allow for a return to a viable class format, and we are still unable to predict when this might occur.  We can't wait to get back to it, but we will only do it safely.

Some exciting news we can share is the small business grant we received from the City of Melbourne which will mean when we are back we  will be better than ever!  SEE THE NEWS

Vouchers that are yet to be redeemed will be extended in line with the shutdown period, you can read the full statement at the bottom of this page- highlighted yellow to make it easy to find!


UPDATE 1 June 2020

We are pleased to see a slow return to trade for the hospitality and other industries.

At this stage to run the class in a way that is viable, enjoyable and of the same quality we always deliver it is our view that we will need to wait for the details relating to the following stages to be released in the next month.

Group activities, shared meals, group seating and use of condiments, water or group preparation of food are all quite complicated components of the requirements. Full regulations CLICK HERE


Maintaining appropriate social distancing during a class without detracting from the experience is a significant challenge.  Failure to comply with requirements puts the business and participants at risk of significant fines and of course the health risks and social obligations are a major priority.

The full details of stage 2 and 3 guidelines will be released in the coming weeks, and that should enable us to provide some more clarity on a date. 

Any news about a resumption date will be posted here, we won't be able to provide any further detail via email or social media, as soon as we know when we can operate within the guidelines you will.

Till we can provide further details, stay safe, download the CovidSafe App 

We will be enforcing the guidelines requiring people attending activities to have the app installed on their phone.



UPDATE 17 MAY 2020 (Previous updates below)

We welcome the news that pubs, cafes, and restaurants are able to begin reopening in a limited capacity from June 1. This means we are getting closer to resuming classes, however, we are not quite there yet.

Classes require close proximity to others for an extended period of time. Managing social distancing obligations is something we take seriously, and this is a major factor that will determine when we can recommence.

We will continue to update this page and our social media as more information becomes available. 

Stay safe, download the COVIDSafe app.

UPDATE 8 MAY 2020  

It is wonderful to hear today that we can expect a gradual easing of restrictions that have been in place to combat COVID-19.  It is great to see a light at the end of the tunnel.  At this stage, we are not able to confirm a resumption date, as soon as we can we will post it here and on social media. 

Our plan will consider the logistics of gathering a group of a viable size for classes, and the safety of touring the market as a group.  We are looking at how technology or other methods can help us to bet back to business safely as soon as possible.

We strongly encourage you all to download the CovidSafe app, as this will help us move to normal classes safely as soon as possible!


Original Statement 

We have suspended all bookings due to the current restrictions in place to combat Covid-19. Queen Victoria Market is still operational and stocked with fresh foods.  

We intend to allocate all scheduled classes to a new date keeping groups together and on the same day of the week, and we will of course work with anyone who needs to change.

Any vouchers still to be redeemed will, of course, be extended for at least as long as any interruption.

We are very lucky to have the support of our marketing partners and Queen Victoria Market with rent reduction and fee reduction, whilst we will certainly suffer a revenue loss, we are confident that in our 5th year at Queen Victoria Market, we will return to business as soon as we can.

I am excited to take the chance to develop an online store and develop new class programs.  We will be selling the amazing American made Lodge cast iron cookware, and introducing classes using this great gear.

We are available by email, but we ask if your enquiry relates to the resumption of our classes or Covid-19 please check this website or our social media for updates.  This is where we will post the information as soon as we have it. 

We finally all have plenty of time to BBQ and do long cooks, if only it was under better circumstances, stay safe and take care.


Queen  Victoria Market 

513 Elizabeth St Melbourne, 3003


Class Located adjacent to the shop:


A Shed Stand Queen Victoria Market    MAP

Corner of Victoria and Elizabeth Street,

513 Elizabeth St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia

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